Privacy Policy

Sakshi Mahajan takes up all technological safeguards as well as human to secure clients from the disclosure of their personal information. Information is stored on a server with minimum accessibility to our team.

Terms for conduct during the meetings-

Every client must be bound by our terms and conditions mentioned underneath. We believe that you all contacting us are aware of our restricted acts and may take action like debarring clients from availing services in the future in the case found guilty-

  • Sakshi Mahajan service is closed for folks below 18 years.
  • The use of drugs during the meeting isn’t allowed.
  • Clients are strictly instructed to carry any kind of weapon during meetings.
  • Do not accompany any other person along with you unless you have hired our services.
  • Hostile behavior towards escorts will not be tolerated.
  • Do not take any pictures and videos unless permitted by the agency or escort
  • Clients cannot compel our escort to have unprotected sex.

Privacy policy

Sakshi Mahajan escort service is the most professional and technologically savvy escort service proffering unending and robust security to the visitors of our website and clients making the benefits of our services. The technology of the internet if on the one hand is vulnerable to hacking and disclosure, but it is simultaneously safest if used appropriately. Sakshi Mahajan is a tech agency with secured data that is protected all around with the tools ensuring complete safety of data.

When you browse, technology itself serves us your personal information. We instead use it to enhance the quality experience for our clients. Your every detail is safe with us as much as you are safe.

100 % Shielded personal data by Sakshi Mahajan

  • We collect and save only data relevant to updating clients and getting reviews from the client along with establishing a communique with the client.
  • The first line of the team is given access to the records.
  • The third-party hired to back us for a protected data recording system works in complete confidence without desecration of terms.
  • Data will only be disclosed or shared with customers aligned with us through agreement.

We store the following information –

  • General information like your name, your location, your age, and contact information only since our services aren’t available for minors below 18 years of age.
  • IP address – We get the IP address of users browsing our website.

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privacy policy
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privacy policy
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privacy policy
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privacy policy
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